Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of our new mental health grant, students at Lewistown Jr/Sr High School will be participating in a mental health screener to help us identify students in need.

This will give us an opportunity to identify and provide the appropriate mental health services for students who may not have the courage to ask for help.

I will be going to each success center over the next two weeks to administer this on-line screener. Even if you believe your child is not in need of any mental health services we still would like all students to participate in this screener for data purposes. By collecting reliable data, we can apply for grant funds to service our students who are in need.

If you have, any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, Serenity Wallick.

We now offer Tele-Mental Health Services!


Return to School Plan


Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students free of charge for the 2021-22 school year.

Bus Garage Contact Numbers
We'd like to share some information about child care assistance.
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Attention Seniors!

Find all of your scholarship information by clicking this link!

Upcoming Events

With extra-curricular events starting up we'd like to remind everyone that with the indoor mask mandate, spectators must wear a mask when attending all indoor school activities.

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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to our new school year! 


The staff has been working hard to prepare for our students' return. We recently received word that our back to school plan has changed. Students and staff are now required to wear masks indoors.


I know that this is not welcome news to many of our families. We all worked so hard to successfully navigate a year of pandemic and we were all hoping to put that experience behind us.


Unfortunately, the virus is still with us and the numbers are climbing. Fulton County is currently listed as high risk because of the active case count.


Masking is not an Administrative nor a Board decision. Masking is once again mandated by the State. At this time, anyone entering the school buildings must wear a mask, that includes spectators in the gymnasiums and kids playing indoor sports.


To refuse to comply affects our standing with the Illinois State Board of Education. To lose State Recognition for our schools means that our graduates’ diplomas are not recognized, our Tort Immunity does not apply and our students cannot participate in any IHSA or IESA extra-curricular activities. No one wants that outcome. So we will keep a close eye on data and continue to communicate with our representatives and we will keep you informed.  


Jeanne Davis, Superintendent