Strategic Plan

Vision Statement:

Lewistown District #97 schools provide a safe, secure, and challenging environment that prepares students to be contributing citizens in the 21st century. Our schools instill students with a broad base of knowledge, communication, and problem-solving skills that enable them to rise to the level of their individual potentials. 


Mission Statement:

 The mission of Lewistown District #97 is to inspire and prepare our students to become productive citizens in the global community of the 21st century.

Student Achievement and Learning Goals

GOAL: Curriculum is challenging and appropriate for all learners, providing a continuum of learning across all grade levels.


Objective 1: Curriculum will be consistently aligned across and between grade levels.

 1.1 Time will be provided, including parts of Institute Days, for staff to articulate and develop curriculum.

1.2 Transition protocols will be established by the Fall of 2010 to bridge gaps between grade and high school curriculums in all core curriculum areas including placement testing, career interest inventories, and exposure to some vocational curriculum at the junior high level.

1.3 The core curriculum provided at each grade level will be consistent between classrooms and aligned with the Illinois State Standards for Learning.


Objective 2: Curriculum will be aligned with the Illinois State Standards for Learning.

2.1 Teachers will use Standards checklists regularly in lesson planning in core curriculum areas by the Fall of 2009.

2.2 Exit goals in grades K-3 will be reviewed during the 2008-09 school year to ensure alignment with the Illinois State Standards for Learning.

2.3 Curriculum outlines in grades 4-12 will be developed over the next 3 years and will reflect alignment with the Illinois Standards for Learning.


Objective 3: Curriculum will be diverse and challenging to enable all students to reach their highest academic potential.

3.1 Professional development opportunities will be provided each year for teachers to increase their abilities to use differentiated instruction to meet diverse student needs.

3.2 The use of CBM’s (Curriculum Based Measures) to monitor student progress in Reading will be expanded to grades 4-8 in the next school year, and to Math in the 2009-2010 school year.

3.3 A district-wide committee will be formed in the Fall of 2008 to develop an RtI Plan for the district.

Facilities Goals

GOAL: All school environments, facilities, and physical systems are safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, well-maintained, and conducive to teaching and learning.


Objective 1: All District #97 buildings will maintain a healthy and clean school environment.

1.1 All schools will be monitored for potential health risks. The district nurse will be included in the monitoring process.

1.2 Custodial staff will meet every other month with administrators to discuss maintenance concerns beginning in August 2008.

1.3 Custodial equipment at all schools will be inventoried in the Fall of 2008 to determine district’s ability to meet maintenance needs at each school.

1.4 Daily, weekly, and periodic maintenance and cleaning schedules will be established for each school by the Fall of 2008.


Objective 2: All buildings and grounds will be maintained in a manner than ensures safety for all students, employees, and community members.

2.1 All playgrounds and playground equipment will be checked monthly by custodial staff using a safety checklist for potential safety hazards.

2.2 Summer work priorities for each school will be developed in the spring of each year by the Building and Grounds Committee, administrators, and custodial staff.

2.3 Traffic flow patterns and child pick-up procedures at the Elementary and Central Buildings will be reviewed in the 2008-09 school year.

2.4 Handicapped accessibility at all schools will be reviewed.


Objective 3: Develop a financial plan to address facility needs and set priorities for improvement.

3.1 Building and Grounds Committee will set long-term priorities for physical improvements, and monitor progress toward completion.


Objective 4: District #97 facilities will be utilized in ways that best meet the educational needs of children.

4.1 Ways to provide a less disruptive space for Music for all Elementary Building classes will be investigated.

4.2 School improvement projects that involve students and/or community members will be encouraged.

4.3 Available storage space at all schools will be evaluated to provide more storage space district-wide.

Community/District Relations Goals

GOAL: District #97 schools and the community work cooperatively and collaboratively to improve student achievement.


Objective 1: Develop and maintain strong home/school partnerships.

1.1 Staff and administrators will be encouraged to develop ways to provide recognition for student accomplishments other than sports.

1.2 Software programs that provide on-line access to grades and homework will be reviewed by administrators and teachers during the 2008-09 school year.

1.3 Administrators will annually inform the Board of Education and community members of state level expectations for achievement in standardized testing and the progress of district students in meeting AYP and school improvement goals.

1.4 Administrators will report to the Board of Education and community members on other indicators of student achievement.

1.5 District #97’s Title I program will annually hold Spring and Fall informational meetings with parents of program-eligible students.

1.6 Quarterly parent-involvement activities will be held for families with students in grades K-3.


Objective 2: Increase the use of community resources

2.1 Ways to involve community members in volunteer programs that promote student achievement will be investigated.

2.2 Local media will be used regularly to publicize and promote school events and accomplishments.

2.3 Efforts to support the High School Academic Foundation will be promoted.

2.4 A list of community agencies and individuals willing to serve as educational resources will be compiled during the 2008-09 school year and distributed to teachers in the Fall of 2009.


Objective 3: Promote the development of curriculum-based community service activities by students.

3.1 Community service projects will continue to be encouraged at all grade levels.

3.2 Professional development training in Service Learning for additional teachers will be provided through a Learn and Serve Continuation Grant in the Fall of 2008.

3.3 Partnerships with community agencies to assist in the development and implementation of service projects will be expanded.


Objective 4: Improve communication at all levels and between all district stakeholders.

4.1 Engage all internal and external stakeholders in district decision making through annual meetings to revisit progress in meeting stated goals and objectives of Strategic Plan.

Finance Goals

GOAL: The district demonstrates fiscal responsibility in a budget that reflects educational priorities.


Objective 1: District #97 will maintain a balanced budget aligned with stated educational goals.

1.1 District #97’s annual budget will reflect balances in all funds.

1.2 Fiscal responsibility will not sacrifice educational values.


Objective 2: Decrease reliance on state and local funding by increasing revenue from other sources.

2.1 External grant opportunities will be pursued to expand/sustain/create educational programs.

Faculty and Staff Goals

GOAL: Faculty, staff, and administrators are highly qualified and work cooperatively for continuous improvement.


Objective 1: Staff members work cooperatively across and between grade levels to improve student performance.

1.1 Opportunities will be provided annually for Junior High and High School staff members to collaborate on curriculum issues and create strategies for alignment.


Objective 2: Staff members demonstrate professional excellence.

 2.1 Professional evaluations will hold staff members accountable for contract responsibilities.

2.2 Professional evaluations will hold staff members accountable for providing instruction that reflects the Illinois State Standards for Learning.

2.3 Faculty and staff handbook will be updated annually to reflect professional job expectations for all employees.

2.4 District #97 will recruit and hire highly qualified personnel for all positions.

2.5 District will hold a half-day Teachers Institute to address school law issues in October of 2008.


Objective 3: Ongoing professional development support is provided for all staff members.

3.1 Professional development will be provided to assist teachers to maintain highly qualified status for annual job assignments.

3.2 All staff will be surveyed annually regarding professional development needs and priorities.

3.3 Staff members will be requested to attend outside professional development events that assist District #97 in meeting state mandates related to student achievement.

3.4 All certified employees will update and maintain their professional credentials in the ECS system housed on the Illinois State Board of Education website.

Technology Goals

GOAL: Technology is accessible and its use is equitable throughout District #97, and enhances learning for all students.


Objective 1: Technology resources for all students and staff are up-to-date and adequately maintained to meet instructional needs.

1.1 Technology tools besides computers will be upgraded and increased, as needed.

1.2 Hardware and software resources will continue to be upgraded, as needed, throughout the district.

1.3 The availability of interactive technology tools (SMARTBoards, Mimios) to enhance instruction will be increased throughout the district during the 2008-09 school year.

1.4 The feasibility of installing wireless labs at each school will be investigated during the 2008-09 school year.


Objective 2: Professional development for teachers and administrators is readily available to enable them to fully utilize district technology resources.

2.1 Professional development opportunities will be provided annually to enable staff members to use district technology resources effectively.

2.2 Teachers will receive an overview of the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NET-T) during the 2008-09 school year.

2.3 Annually staff members will take part in the NextSteps technology use survey to monitor district technology practices and measure growth.


Objective 3: Technology use by all students is at grade- appropriate levels

 3.1 Grade level technology outcomes will be updated and tied to the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NET-S) during the 2008-09 school year.

3.2 Grade level technology curriculum will be updated and high school technology classes will be reviewed and updated by the Fall of 2009.