Free Dual Credit Courses

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We have some exciting news for all dual credit students in the SRC District!  
Through the awarding of an Illinois Community College Board College Bridge Grant, all dual credit students enrolled in courses with Spoon River College will be granted a full scholarship for tuition and fees for the 2022-2023 academic year.   
This will include the following:
• All courses taken at SRC district high schools and taught by high school instructors
• All courses taken at any SRC locations and taught by SRC faculty including online courses
Courses that will be excluded are those being funded by other sources such as grants, or those for which the students are not charged tuition and fees such as school-funded courses.
We realize it would have been better to receive this news much earlier, however, we were only recently awarded the grant. Therefore, we will apply all internal and external scholarships to the student’s accounts and then apply this scholarship to the remaining tuition and fees.  
**For those students who have paid their tuition in full, we will refund the amount paid for the Fall semester. Refunds will be processed through the SRC Business Office after September 2, 2022.** 
For this particular scholarship, there will be no application, and all students will be included as it is our true hope that this scholarship will help our district students to begin their college careers at Spoon River College.
Keep in mind… we are still accepting new students for all fall dual credit courses! To register, contact your high school counselor or SRC Dual Credit Advisor Sarah Fouts by email ( or phone 309-649-6221.