Transportation Info

Nick Christy - Transportation Director - (309)267-4178

Amy Christy - Transportation Secretary - (309)267-9236

Lewistown CUSD 97 does not use buses with automated traffic law enforcement technology

Bus Drivers & Route

Monica Kline - Bus 1 - Lewistown/Bryant/Rural Bryant
Cris Parrish - Bus 2 - Lewistown/Liverpool/Little America
Delta Otto - Bus 3 - Jr High/HS Bryant/St David
Ted Martin - Bus 4 - Lewistown/SE Rural Lewistown
Tori Schneider - Bus 5 - Lewistown/NW Rural Lewistown
Dan Patton - Bus 7 - Lewistown/St David
Cris Sheets - Bus 10 - Headstart/Early Childhood/PreK
Peggy Riden - Bus 18 - Lewistown/South Rural Lewistown

Substitute Bus Drivers

Sam Hackleman

Amy Christy 

Larry Post

Vicki Walston

Lisa Tunney

Bus Rules

Rules are defined in the student handbook assigned to your students school. Write ups from drivers will be submitted to your child's school and disciplinary action will be determined by your child's principal or disciplinary adviser.

Bus Passes

Student's are required to have a bus pass when riding a bus other than their own. If your student needs to ride a different bus please contact the school office for your student before 12:30 PM to allow time for passes to be distributed.